Sunday, 5 October 2014

OOTD: Who Is

Top: 1975 Merch, Cardigan: Very, Snood: Primark, PVC Pants: River Island, Shoes: Converse

Ahh another all black ensemble. These PVC pants are such a polarising item, I love them but I know a lot of people hate them, on a night out one charming gentleman even called me a rather rude name for wearing them. I love them because they remind me of the suit from American Horror Story season 1, is that weird? I picked up the t-shirt when we went to go see them live (vlog on our Youtube if you missed it- link to the right), the design gives a really cool aesthetic. I think this outfit is a little bit goth, a little bit weird and a whole lotta good.

Let me know how you feel about PVC!


Thursday, 25 September 2014

The 1975 Vlog: Meeting Matty Healy, GRWM& OOTD.

I'm not sure how many of our new followers will know but we do have a YouTube channel. As a MASSIVE 1975 fan (with a tattoo dedicated to them) it was the best night of my life. They were amazing live and were even more adorable and lovely in person. We filmed a GRWM of some seriously smokey makeup, an adventure with eye drops and OOTD's as well as concert footage with photos of meeting the boys.

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Sunday, 14 September 2014

Autumn/Winter Lookbook

I decided to share some of the Polyvores I've been making like crazy. I think I just like looking at Commes Des Garcons and Acne pieces I'm never going to be able to afford. :(

Let me know which one is your fav!


Wednesday, 3 September 2014

OOTD: R U Mine?

Jacket: DIY (Post coming soon!), Midi skirt: Dorothy Perkins, Top: ASOS, Shoes: Converse

First off, apologies for the aggressive pout - I'm actually squinting at the sun in my eyes! I actually really loved this outfit. I decided to pull this midi out of my wardrobe that had been restricted to nights out to bring a bit of sparkle to the everyday, I love the midi shape. It's cool and effortless yet put together plus it's super comfy to wear. I have somehow collected a multitude of baseball tees and I have no idea why! This fairly new one from ASOS could be my new fav because it's playful yet still monochrome. 

I am LIVING for this leather jacket! Grace and I decided to customise a jacket each inspired by the jacket Alex wore in the One For The Road video. I think it's the only DIY project I've ever attempted that has not only succeeded but that I've actually worked into my wardrobe - it came out a lot better than I expected! I decided to rock a dark lip as I'm already so excited for Autumn/Winter, the one I'm wearing here is Vino pencil by MAC.


Friday, 29 August 2014

OOTD: I don't trust me either...

 Top: Aliexpress, Cardigan: H&M, Coat: Topshop, Necklaces: Aliexpress

Summer is beginning to draw to a close and me and Charlotte have been eagerly awaiting this change of season. What's not to love about Autumn/Winter? Halloween, bonfire night, Christmas films, cranberry smokey eyes and dark lips... the list goes on!

So inspired by the dropping temperature I decided to experiment with layering outerwear pieces in neutral shades to switch up my usual leather jacket option. This textured cocoon biker coat was from Topshop a while back and adds sophistication to any look and to be honest this outfit needed just a touch to pull back from being full on Taylor Momsen...

My top is a UNIF dupe from, really worth a trawl through for bargains as my necklaces are both from the same site and were unbelievably inexpensive. I am wearing a Primark black bodycon skirt underneath the vest by the way, my mother asked the same question.

Here's to the start of all things Autumn!

Saturday, 23 August 2014

Exploring home: Trader's Outlet finds...

We have all experienced that feeling where you invest in a Topshop piece, only to go out and find that every other girl you pass on the street is wearing that exact same thing. For this reason me and Charlotte have recently found ourselves disillusioned with high street stores and decided to explore the range of small businesses in our area. 

We occasionally wandered into Traders Outlet, a local store with different sections selling various jewellery, vintage furniture, handmade bath bombs ect but up until now we hadn't realised that there were also some fashion stalls such as Lady e bling, with cool pieces, much cheaper than you would find on the high street.

Charlotte is wearing a black oversized quilted shift dress with a kind of snake texture to it whilst I am wearing this white pleather cami dress. Both dresses comply with our usual styling comfort zones of black, white and leather so all in all a pretty good find!

We definitely recommend checking out the Lady e bling stall inside Traders Outlet to anyone in the Manchester area!

Thursday, 14 August 2014

OOTD: Tropica

Top: Forever 21, Jacket: River Island, Sunglasses: Forever 21, Jeans: Topshop, Boots: Topshop, Necklaces: Zara and vintage, Bag: Vintage

What is it about trying to take a few blog photographs that is so difficult? Well for one there is lighting and the realization that your outfit is either too basic or horrifically unflattering. Then amongst a range of other technical issues there is the large problem that is the general public. 

I could try and disguise our mishaps in order to appear professional, however that's not the kind of girls we are so I will admit that en-route to our location, we recieved a multitude of heckles from passing vans. I mean really, yes we have a camera, we are in fact taking photographs, that is generally the use for which people purchase a camera? 

Anyway... rant over with, I decided to go with a summery outfit despite still including the staple black and grey. I'm really into layering necklaces at the moment and so I stacked this Zara one over a vintage, handmade shark tooth necklace which my great grandad brought back from Africa. 
The sunglasses make me look like a fly or possibly an 80's police officer but I felt that they went well with the outfit. Let us know what your frustrations are when creating blog content!

- Grace