Sunday, 29 June 2014

OOTD: Pokemon Master!

Sheer midi dress: Oxfam, Pokemon crop: Depop seller 'frankenskankk', Cardigan: Very, Shoes: Converse

Feel like it's been ages since I sat down to write a post! This Pokemon tie back crop top is the newest addition to my wardrobe and I love it! I absolutely love cartoons and I used to be into Pokemon and play the gameboy game with my cousins. It's not really the appropriate weather to be wearing a crop top so I layered it over this sheer midi dress that I picked up from Oxfam and haven't worn yet. I love the layered effect I think it adds a lil something. This cardigan is fab! It's so similar to the very expensive American Apparel ones and it's actually quite warm. This is going to sound weird but I feel a bit too dramatic when I'm walking and it flys out behind me like a cape so I have to walk holding it in one hand haha. I love how it's a bit gothic I'm all about that WITCH LIFE can I get a whut whutttt.

Got the usual converse on they're just my go to for comfort and simplicity. I call this hairstyle my 'Li Shang' as it's loosely based around the sexiest Disney character of all time from the best film ever Mulan. On the one hand I think it's cute, on the other it's a bit toddler like!

How are you all?


Wednesday, 25 June 2014

OOTD: Back to basics

 Top: Boohoo, Jeans: Topshop, Shoes: Topshop, Sunglasses: Forever 21, Collar: Topshop, Ring: An obscure Welsh gift shop...

It's that time of year when Uni fever sets in, everyone starts to panic about where their future will take them and as a result, me and Charlotte have been on a series of mini road trips around the UK. We are both considering studying media communications and so fingers crossed that results day doesn't hold any nasty surprises... To keep it casual and comfy for the journey to Leeds, I opted for the basics of a white V neck tee and my blue Leigh jeans from Topshop.

Controversially, this outfit contains only minimal amounts of black. This is the extent of my commitment to the Summer season we usually just stay inside and watch films. 'The Shining' is our latest obsession... Have you read the conspiracy theories? Let's just say that we may well have spent too much time pondering on these strange coincidences over the last couple of days.

Also on the topic of comfort I realised last minute that it would be impossible to walk around all day in the mini torture chambers that are the Topshop skate shoes. Whilst I love the look of them I made the sensible choice to switch to my trusted Aphrodite boots before we set off.

Hope you're enjoying the British summer and please excuse the eyeliner swatch and fly-aways from my top knot. I have curly baby hairs that won't quit!

Monday, 16 June 2014

OOTD: Don't Believe in Atheists, Do Believe in Aliens

Vest: UNIF, Leather Jacket: Dorothy Perkins, Jeans: All Saints, Choker: Ali Express, Shoes: Topshop Skate Shoes, Watch: Fossil, Sunglasses: Forever 21
Now that the sun is somewhat here I can FINALLY break out my UNIF vests that I got for Christmas. I love UNIF and the distressed look of their clothes, as some of you may know their slogans get quite cheeky so I tried to pick pieces that I could wear to work and around town without offending haha. My jeans are All Saints from the outlet store in Cheshire Oaks so I paid around £30 for them instead of £180. They have a really subtle yet interesting baroque pattern on them that I love and the textured knee adds to the biker style. My leather jacket is new and I absolutely adore it. The fake leather is soft and the style is simple yet classic. I picked it up from Dorothy Perkins which I think is overlooked quite a lot, as a previous sales advisor I would recommend having a quick look in now and again, as they are in the Arcadia branch their styles are often similar to Topshop but a smidge cheaper. To be honest though it is quite overpriced still!

My choker was recommended from Grace and was around £2 which is fab as I've seen them go for a LOT more. The quality is what you pay for - cheap. But really who's complaining for such a low price? My skate shoes are still causing me pain but I love the way they look, hoping that one of these days they'll finally be comfortable.

Super simple yet still my go to biker style.
Ya dig?


Saturday, 14 June 2014

MAC Kelly Osbourne Lipsticks: Riot House, Dodgy Girl and Strip Poker

Top: Riot House, Bottom: Dodgy Girl
Strip Poker

Strip poker swatched

The release of MAC's much-anticipated Osbourne collection entailed a frenzy amongst makeup addicts who battled to secure one of the elusive lilac bullets from Kelly's line, which sold out online after only a few hours!
Luckily both me and Charlotte were fortunate enough to get our hands on the Kelly Osbourne lipsticks although Sharon's eye quad was also on our wishlist. 

Charlotte bought Riot house, a matte, pastel orange shade as she loves a good 60's style chalky matte lip. This is a very unique shade from MAC and it can be said that the whole collection offered something very different to the permanent line, a factor that probably contributed to the enormous hype. I wasn't sure whether I would like this shade but it actually looks amazing on the lips, pale without washing you out or making you look like Tim Burton's corpse bride.

Dodgy girl is another very original shade from the line, a matte lilac. This shade also looks incredible on the lips and the formula is creamy and comfortable to wear unlike some other matte lipsticks. Oddly enough this pastel shade fades to a neon pink stain, much darker than the initial colour, unexpected and yet surprisingly a cute bonus!

Finally I purchased Strip poker, honestly because all the other shades had sold out. I am not usually a fan of super pale lipsticks so I am trying to work with this but it's an ongoing battle. This shade is a more pink toned nude than Riot House and can make you look a little dead, however when lightly applied the colour is much more wearable. Plus, I wasn't missing out on this packaging and I knew that if I didn't buy something, I would later be trawling eBay, where limited edition items can go for double the RRP!

Hope you enjoyed the post, these lipsticks were definitely worth the hype and shopping frenzy...

- Grace

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Shiro Cosmetics Pigment Review Part 2

Following Charlotte's bad influence I decided to sacrifice some savings and place an order with the indie brand Shiro Cosmetics. I ordered the mini sized pigments so that I could try out more shades and so far I love them and will definitely be ordering more!

Packaged with my order were two generous sample pigments in the shades Majora's mask - a blue violet with white and rainbow shimmer and Tomb - a matte medium brown. Also the people at Shiro threw in some sweets which I thought was a cute detail that gives a personal feel to placing an order that you don't get with mainstream makeup brands.

I love Majora's mask a lot! I think this one will be in my next order...

 Here are all the pigments I received. Top (L-R): Snake, Colonel.
Second row: Baker's boy, Alkahestry
Third row: Smashing pots, Its Mossy!, Are you Shear you wanna enchant that?
Bottom row: Majora's Mask, Tomb

All the eye shadows have amazing pigmentation, especially Majora's Mask! My favourite shade so far is Baker's boy, a beautiful champagne with lots of shimmer and blue reflects. This is perfect all over the lid and adds a bit of extra sparkle to daytime looks. Alkahestry is similar to Static pure pigment from Illamasqua but leans more blue whereas static has a pink duo-chrome. 

My least favourite pigment is Are you shear you wanna enchant that? as I was expecting the shade to have a stronger pigmentation and shimmer as it tends to apply a little... well sheer. However I am yet to try this over a black base which I think will transform the look of the eyeshadow.

I hope you enjoyed this post and stay tuned to see the other exciting things the postman will be delivering soon! Do we hear whispers of 'MAC Kelly Osbourne?'

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Game of Thrones Makeup? Shiro Cosmetics Review.

I stumbled upon this brand randomly through a Tumblr post and had to place an order due to the crazy inexpensive prices and uniqueness of the products. My order came in today and I had to share it with you all especially as I know a lot of you will be fans of the things that the products are inspired by.

I picked up Queensquard, I Loved A Maid, Women's Weapons, Attercop Attercop and Smashing Pots.

Without flash:

With flash:

Okay so from left to right:
Attercop, Attercop is a matte deep blue with an intense blue glitter shot through. I love this one and cannot wait to wear it with a smokey eye. The glitter catches the light beautifully. This one is inspired by the Hobbit and features a little Bilbo Baggins wielding a flame at spiders - so cute! $6 Here

Smashing Pots is a reddy brown shot through with green, blue and red glitter. I LOVE IT. It's impossible to photograph all the glitter but in real life it is amazing and so unique. From what I can tell this is inspired by Legend of Zelda. $6 here.

I Loved A Maid is a light copper pigment with a green duochrome that looks gold in some lights. It is incredibly unique and is inspired by Tyrion Lannister (One of my fav GoT characters). I love it because it adds a little something to the everyday neutral eye while still being wearable. $6 Here

Queensquard is a matte red orange brown. I must have as I love red toned browns I think they look incredible on brown eyes. The matte formulation is velvety to the touch. This is inspired by Barristan Selmy. $6 here

Women's Weapons is a reddy purple with a subtle gold shimmer. This shade makes me miss Autumn/Winter so much! Just imagine it with a red lip *heart eye emoji*. Inspired by Cersei Lannister. $6 here

With every order you get two samples. I recieved Plague and Day of Reckoning. Plague is an emerald green that reminds me a lot of MAC's Smutty Green which I own and love. Day of Reckoning is a metallic pinky purple. Also love haha I JUST LOVE IT ALL. Also for a free sample you get a crazy amount of product!

So beautiful! Overall I have a new found love for indie cosmetics company although it is worth always doing your research. Shiro is a dope company, the customer service is great, the products are amazing and the packaging is cute. Shipping to the UK only took a few weeks which really isn't bad. Defo going to place another order - I want everything they make haha so check it out!

Saturday, 7 June 2014

Ombre Transformation and Why I Make Bad Decisions

I get bored of my hair SO EASILY. Like I've had brown, black, blue, blue black, red, regular ombre, purple you name it. The ombre fever was getting to me, I'd seen it on Kylie Jenner and Khloe Kardashian and I just missed it. Therefore, I decided to buy some bleach and do it myself. I used the Jerome Russell bleach from Superdrug and it worked well on my ridiculously dark hair, lightening it up to a gingery colour which is where the irony of my story begins. I was aiming for an ash blonde that I could eventually turn lavender grey, I hated the ginger and in a late night blind panic tried to tone my hair with the smallest dot of semi permanent blue dye with TONS of conditioner. Please don't try this, although most of you would see why this is a stupid decision. This left me with patchy green hair.
Honestly I didn't hate it. It was bad but I'm really not attached to my hair so I was just rocking the patchy green and ginger hybrid - the ginger was a lot more prevalent in real life. I then used the Wella Color Fresh Silver Toner which I would actually recommend pretty highly for you blonde haired gals, it worked really well on my orangey green hair. However, the green was aggressive and did not want to get outta here. So I did what I should have done from the get go and went to a hairdressers.

They bleached my hair (adding my bleach count to four in a week) but still the green remained.
I'm not sure if you can see the traces of the pastel green but they wouldn't shift. At this point I was still striving for ash ombre. However we quickly realised it wasn't going to work so after having a chat I realised the only option was to go copper - the colour I was trying to avoid. However I'm sure a lot of you will know that red is opposite green on the colour wheel meaning they cancel each other out so I wasn't really left with many options. Like I said I'm not super attached or particularly bothered about my hair so I just said do whatever you want to!

I was so scared of having that ginger hair that comes with bleaching black hair as I don't think it looks particularly flattering and looks like it was an accident. I didn't have to worry as they gave me this gorgeous copper bright orange! It's so fiery and I feel like it fits my personality if hair can mirror personality. Overall out of my stupid decision (let me reiterate DO NOT USE BLUE DYE)I got hair I really love and will hopefully stick with for a while. Apologies for the selfie heavy post!

Products I used initially:
I'd recommend both but overall I would just go to your hairdressers. Grace and I both go to the local college salon, the girls are always lovely and pretty much qualified it's just much cheaper. To correct my hair, bleach it, colour it over SIX HOURS. It was only £15 so definitely check out college salons.

I'll answer any questions you have in comments! Let me know what you think of my copper ombre and look out for Grace's hair transformation soon.


P.S. She may kill me for this but I found it so funny I have to share. While Grace was waiting with me over those tedious 6 hours, students used her as a hair model to practice bridal hair.
She looks like a beautiful My Little Pony or a precious brat from Toddlers and Tiaras. I LOVE IT.
I'm gonna go deep condition my hair now and watch Orange is the New Black,